Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(W) + Brightening Program for a beautiful even toned complexion.

Just as much as wrinkles and loss of firmness, hyperpigmentation is a sign of aging. Hyperpigmentaion may be due to UV exposure but there are other causes: hormone changes, acne, scars, certain medications and irritations, including those from laser procedures.Certain skin types containing more melanin will have higher risk of the appearance of spots.

The New Sothys (W)+ line is the Sothys response to issues of skin seeking a safe and effective solution: Brightening the complexion and targeting pigmentaion spots. A Double action Serum, a Brightening Fluid, a Preparative Lotion and a brightening mask!
All Effective with rave reviews from the top beauty editors and top skin care specialists.
Stop by for a complimentary skin care analysis to see what is best for your skin concerns.

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