Monday, August 9, 2010

Five basic pillars of beauty.

Required basics that support skin's health, radiance and vitality
* Antioxidants that fight oxidation in the cells. The body is under constant attack from oxidizing agents- it is best to look at a variety of antioxidants that have different specialties.
* Anti-inflammation reduces the aging effects of inflammation. Aging promotes inflammation, inflammation promotes premature aging. There are many botanical extracts that inhibit inflammation such as green tea.
* Detoxification helps remove toxins from the cells and blood. Toxic substances enter the body every day in every way. There are some powerful herbs that help to support the health of our organs.
* Cell Microcirculation brings in nutrients and removes waste. Your microcirculation is responsible for bringing nutrients to the cells.
* Inhibiting destructive enzymes and increasing cellular energy supports the skin's structural matrix.
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