Monday, December 28, 2009

The benefits of foundations and the right finish for you!

Max Factor began his career in Hollywood in the 1920's as a makeup artist- he knew even then that women needed to protect their skin from the environment and that women look better with the proper foundation on their skin.
We need to protect our skin from pollution and the environment. Protecting our skin, will help in the prevention of premature aging. Most of my clients do not know or believe that their skin will stay cleaner, clearer and healthier longer when they regularly wear the right foundation with sunblock. Oily skin clients or clients with acne especially need the right foundation.

The benefits of wearing the right foundation finish are numerous- but what is the right formula for you?
For Normal to Dry skin types ( for a dewy and luminous radiance) I recommend our fantastic finish foundation with a broad spectrum UVA/UVB non-degradable sunblock for a sheer to medium coverage. Used alone it gives a soft finish and helps to lock in moisture and hydrate skin all day. All formulas offer a smoothing effect around the eye area. Ideal post microdermabrasion- and may be set with a translucent powder for a matte look.
For Normal to Combination skin types- An oil free full coverage formula. This may be used as a concealer with the other formulas or used alone as a foundation. This formula works wonderfully as a base for eye shadows. Lasts all day and is natural looking even up close.
For Oily Skin- an oil absorbing matte finish broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunblock makeup. If you have not been able to find a makeup that lasts all day- this is for you. This ultimate formula has an oil absorbing ingredient (magnesium sulfate) that helps to absorb excess sebum from the surface of the skin. Controls shine and helps maintain a matte finish all day and does not change color. No more layering on a foundation and powder- this formula starts out in a creamy liquid form and sets to an all day very natural looking matte finish. A quality foaming or creamy cleanser easily removes this non pore clogging formula. You can transform this all day matte finish at anytime from a light to a full coverage foundation. Those of you with dry skin that desire a full coverage may use this beautifully by applying a good quality moisturizer first- I suggest Sothys Hydrotimale or Sothys Softening emulsion under most foundations.

All formulas of Liquid Mineral makeup offer a full spectrum UVA/UVB of 20!

Dermatologists recommend using mineral makeup because they know that titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are two of the three sunscreen ingredients the the US that truly provide full protection against the most dangerous radiation of all, UVA radiation. The mineral, Zinc Oxide( in particular) and Titanium Dioxide provide the best protection you can find for your skin! Besides the sun protection benefits, Zinc Oxide is a mild anti-inflammatory for the skin, it helps to calm irritated red skin. The anti microbial action is very beneficial for those with acne. Mineral make up is not easily contaminated because it is not organic and does not support bacteria well. It is also very good for those who have allergies and skin conditions such as eczema or very irritated skin. The liquid mineral foundation has the additional benefit of "hollow sphere technology" fluid filled globes dispense moisture into the skin while remaining intact to bend and reflect light from the surface of the skin. The look of enlarged pores and wrinkles is minimized! You will immediately notice the difference in the tone and texture of your skin.

What ever your issue is- your skin is the 1st line of defense and needs to be protected. Do you want to get your glow back? Do you need a foundation that lasts all day? Maybe you just want your skin to look and feel good. The right finish is available for you. For more information please call (864) 525-4932

Friday, December 25, 2009


With all the skin care fads and expensive facial treatments offered along with the "miracle creams" on the market; it is often difficult to know what to look for. Here are a few desirable ingredients to look for in a facial service and for home care products.

* Vitamin C. A Key player in the creation of collagen in the skin, it also acts as an antioxidant that reduces the damage caused by free radicals. Please note that it is very difficult to keep this precious Vitamin stable- I recommend Vitamin C Treatments in the facial treatment room with wonderful results. Vitamin C serums and creams used in home care products often loose their potency and can irritate the skin when rancid.
* Hyaluronic Acid. An important component of connective tissue in the skin, hyaluronic acid ( does not burn - the term acid is misleading) lubricates and cushions the skin from premature aging. An excellent home care product- be sure that it is non-pore clogging. Ideal under a daily moisturizer or on it's own. Fabulous for menopausal woman. This is a booster that makes a big difference -I love to use on my clients following a microdermabrasion session or my Vitamin C Infusion Facial or my Retinal Dermal Treatment - as it is very nourishing to the skin and it plumps the skin up. Many times with aging we may not see wrinkles or lines but a sagging- hyaluronic acid, vitamin C Retinal treatments all help by bringing the volume back into the skin and by preventing wrinkles and lines. I offer a Hyaluronic Acid that is pure clean, non pore clogging and ideal for men and women with combination skin or dry skin.
*Retinol/Retinaldehyde. Helps retain moisture and increases natural moisture and natural collagen production. For a winning facial treatment a wise choice is the retinal dermal treatment - all the benefits of Retin A without any irritation! I am so impressed with this facial - it has a delivery system that allows this product to go deep into the dermis- remodels the epidermis and actively stimulates the collagen and elastin production. Works very well on it's own or in conjunction with microdermabrasion! Ideal for acne, acne scars, uneven pigmentation and enlarged pores. Well suited for oily, dry, dehydrated, sensitive and rosacea skin types. Very Nice Results. A favorite!
Call for an appointment and pick up your customized home care products: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Retinal.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Healthy skin has a radiant glow that comes from the inside. The best way to obtain and maintain this sparkle is with regular skin care treatments. Depending on the physical environment and the aggressions undergone by your skin-certain areas can become fragile and become a priority treatment. Your skin will also react to internal and external influences. Seasonal changes stress, fatigue, hormonal changes, sun light and medications all impact the look and feel of your complexion.

Microdermabrasion is considered the ideal lunch hour procedure. Skin is not red or beaten up- but looks radiant and nourished! This fabulous and effective treatment can help eliminate many of the pesky issues : fine lines, crows feet, age spots, acne scars, dehydrated, and oily skin. This is an excellent treatment for sensitive skin types who may not respond well to harsh chemicals. Microdermabrasion is a "mechanical" exfoliation and is a true work horse for radiant glowing skin. Collagen and Elastin is stimulated for a firmer and toned complexion, and beneficial nutrients can better penetrate into the dermis and makeup looks much better on the skin! If you still need makeup after a microdermabrasion series! ( Skinlife by Lesa offers a series of 1 free with the purchase of a package of 6)

PROMO at SkinLife By Lesa
Microdermabrasion Express $85.00 includes : Cleasning with Steam Light Enzyme, Hot aromatic towels and then Microdermabrasion for the Face, Neck and Upper Chest- Oxygen Hydration and Customized Mask. Shoulder, hand and arm massage and foot massage. Approx 50 min session. May be upgraded for a full facial! Call to schedule your appointment today (864)525-4932