Monday, May 31, 2010

Not a second to loose to rejuvenate your skin! Part II C Renewal System

Every Skin has it's own particularities ( dehydration, dryness, wrinkles, slackening, enlarged pores...) A product line of emergency care products prepared specifically to boost the pool of healthy cells and renew the skin and address these issues. Created by Sothys a Cosmeceutical Complex ( Cell Health Restoring Complex) this plant derived effective complex combines cell messenger peptides and powerful anti oxidants.
The C Renewal System consists of Level 1 Immediate Renewal : a Microdermabrasion Mask - a combination of mechanical and chemical exfoliation to refine the skin grain, smooth the outer layer of skin, and impart radiance to the complexion. ( Active ingredients salicylic acid, rice phytosterols).
Level 2 : Intensive Renewal Double Renewal System Advanced Serum to repair, renew and re-texture fatigued and damaged skin. Peeling composed of glycolic acid bonded to an amino acid for a long lasting exfoliation action and enhanced skin comfort!
A Comfort solution is part of this Double Renewal System : to eliminate toxins (our skin takes in over 7 million toxins each day) repair and renew the skin texture while soothing- non comedogenic. Facial lines are smoother in the morning the skin is renewed and rejuvenated-
Level 3 Continuous Renewal for celular fitness for complete renewal of the skin-
Sothys exclusive H2CR provides cellular re-conditioning optimal antioxidant protection !
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Become an Expert in the (C) Renewal System Program for Beautiful Skin Part I

SOTHYS- (C) Renewal System- (c) meaning cosmeceutical renewal is a home care system for the emergency nighttime treatment for desperate lifeless skin in need of renewal and repair. C Renewal effectively combats skin aging, increases skin health promoting a uniform radiant even complexion.
Who can Use (C) Renewal System? All skin types except very dehydrated and sensitive/reactive. All Ages male/female
Tired Skin, Dull, even after make up application, lacking radiance, rough, appearance of small lines, wrinkles. Usual skin care not giving results, blemishes due to stress factors, irregular skin grain, fatigued features, sometimes puffiness in the morning.
(C) Renewal is based on the science which studies biological rhythms (chronobiology) ensuing the optimal efficiency of cosmetic products, depending on the time of day or night they are used.
During the day- skin focuses on the functions of protection to cope with external aggressions
At Night- Cells switch to repair and regeneration mode. skin metabolism works the "night shift" to prepare for the next day: cell renewal is twice as high at night compared to daytime.
In Part II - I will cover the active ingredients and the home care regime for this award winning line within Sothys.