Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Skin is the 1st thing you notice

Does your skin have a healthy glow? Is it a certain color? Is it wrinkled or blotchy or just plain dull? Some ingredients and strategies to achieve overall skin health and beauty are readily available. Fortunately, through current skin health science and technology, many topical products are available that are proven to reinforce and stimulate the production of valuable layers in the skin and prevent their breakdown, provide hydration and protect it from UV and cellular damage.
*Antioxidants -neutralize free radicals ( which set off a chain of events within the skin that damge cells and lead to visible aging). Vitamins A and C function as antioxidants and provide the extra bonus of suppressing pigment production.
* Peptides- these compounds consist of 2 or more amino acids. Depending on their size help to reduce wrinkle formation and reduce the frequency of muscle contraction between eyebrow and around eyes and stimulate the formation of collagen.
* Humectants- crucial to proper barrier function ( hydration) and outward appearance of the skin. These ingredients attract water 250 times its weight. Using humectants by themselves is not enough to maintain healthy barrier function. Consider occlusives.
* Occlusives- chosen carefully many can create a thick, greasy or heavy feel. Consider silicones which are occlusive agents that create a light powdery finish. Many plant derived oils such as borage are occlusive and compatible with our skin contain essential fatty acids.
* Broad-Spectrum UV protection- no longer a choice in maintaining overall skin health! Many options are available that are elegant matt and clear.
Everyone wants to see healthy, glowing skin looking back at them in the mirror. Listed above are just a few suggestion s for you to consider in your daily regime and skin care treatments. For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact me at my website