Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Skin is the 1st thing you notice

Does your skin have a healthy glow? Is it a certain color? Is it wrinkled or blotchy or just plain dull? Some ingredients and strategies to achieve overall skin health and beauty are readily available. Fortunately, through current skin health science and technology, many topical products are available that are proven to reinforce and stimulate the production of valuable layers in the skin and prevent their breakdown, provide hydration and protect it from UV and cellular damage.
*Antioxidants -neutralize free radicals ( which set off a chain of events within the skin that damge cells and lead to visible aging). Vitamins A and C function as antioxidants and provide the extra bonus of suppressing pigment production.
* Peptides- these compounds consist of 2 or more amino acids. Depending on their size help to reduce wrinkle formation and reduce the frequency of muscle contraction between eyebrow and around eyes and stimulate the formation of collagen.
* Humectants- crucial to proper barrier function ( hydration) and outward appearance of the skin. These ingredients attract water 250 times its weight. Using humectants by themselves is not enough to maintain healthy barrier function. Consider occlusives.
* Occlusives- chosen carefully many can create a thick, greasy or heavy feel. Consider silicones which are occlusive agents that create a light powdery finish. Many plant derived oils such as borage are occlusive and compatible with our skin contain essential fatty acids.
* Broad-Spectrum UV protection- no longer a choice in maintaining overall skin health! Many options are available that are elegant matt and clear.
Everyone wants to see healthy, glowing skin looking back at them in the mirror. Listed above are just a few suggestion s for you to consider in your daily regime and skin care treatments. For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact me at my website

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(W) + Brightening Program for a beautiful even toned complexion.

Just as much as wrinkles and loss of firmness, hyperpigmentation is a sign of aging. Hyperpigmentaion may be due to UV exposure but there are other causes: hormone changes, acne, scars, certain medications and irritations, including those from laser procedures.Certain skin types containing more melanin will have higher risk of the appearance of spots.

The New Sothys (W)+ line is the Sothys response to issues of skin seeking a safe and effective solution: Brightening the complexion and targeting pigmentaion spots. A Double action Serum, a Brightening Fluid, a Preparative Lotion and a brightening mask!
All Effective with rave reviews from the top beauty editors and top skin care specialists.
Stop by for a complimentary skin care analysis to see what is best for your skin concerns.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Five basic pillars of beauty.

Required basics that support skin's health, radiance and vitality
* Antioxidants that fight oxidation in the cells. The body is under constant attack from oxidizing agents- it is best to look at a variety of antioxidants that have different specialties.
* Anti-inflammation reduces the aging effects of inflammation. Aging promotes inflammation, inflammation promotes premature aging. There are many botanical extracts that inhibit inflammation such as green tea.
* Detoxification helps remove toxins from the cells and blood. Toxic substances enter the body every day in every way. There are some powerful herbs that help to support the health of our organs.
* Cell Microcirculation brings in nutrients and removes waste. Your microcirculation is responsible for bringing nutrients to the cells.
* Inhibiting destructive enzymes and increasing cellular energy supports the skin's structural matrix.
For a facial and home care that incorporates these 5 basic pillars of beauty call SkinLife by Lesa (864) 525-4932 or go to

Friday, July 9, 2010


At the core of our bodies there are 7 energy centers or "chakras" that receive and transmit light energy. Our chakras are associated with our physical, mental, and emotional well being. Each chakra vibrates at a specific frequency that, when measured, matches the exact frequency or vibration of the color associated to that chakra. When you are tired these emotional centers become depleted and your body begins to crave balance and color associated with that chakra. Here is a brief look at how the color choices you make can have a measurable impact on how people perceive us and how we perceive ourselves.
White ( crown chakra - top of the head) White is the color of enlightenment. It is is your connection to your self, to your spiritual center.
Indigo ( Third eye chakra- center of forehead) This is your third eye and is associated with your intuition and perception.
Blue (Throat Chakra-Throat) Speak the truth, this is associated with communication and how we express ourselves. The throat chakra is also tied to creativity.
Green ( Heart Chakra) Responsible for your love and compassion and your immune system. Pink is also a color related to the heart chakra and represents love, laughter and promotes healing.
Yellow (Solar Plexus Chakra) Just below the rib cage. This is where you cultivate abundance, courage and self-esteem.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Not a second to loose to rejuvenate your skin! Part II C Renewal System

Every Skin has it's own particularities ( dehydration, dryness, wrinkles, slackening, enlarged pores...) A product line of emergency care products prepared specifically to boost the pool of healthy cells and renew the skin and address these issues. Created by Sothys a Cosmeceutical Complex ( Cell Health Restoring Complex) this plant derived effective complex combines cell messenger peptides and powerful anti oxidants.
The C Renewal System consists of Level 1 Immediate Renewal : a Microdermabrasion Mask - a combination of mechanical and chemical exfoliation to refine the skin grain, smooth the outer layer of skin, and impart radiance to the complexion. ( Active ingredients salicylic acid, rice phytosterols).
Level 2 : Intensive Renewal Double Renewal System Advanced Serum to repair, renew and re-texture fatigued and damaged skin. Peeling composed of glycolic acid bonded to an amino acid for a long lasting exfoliation action and enhanced skin comfort!
A Comfort solution is part of this Double Renewal System : to eliminate toxins (our skin takes in over 7 million toxins each day) repair and renew the skin texture while soothing- non comedogenic. Facial lines are smoother in the morning the skin is renewed and rejuvenated-
Level 3 Continuous Renewal for celular fitness for complete renewal of the skin-
Sothys exclusive H2CR provides cellular re-conditioning optimal antioxidant protection !
For more information on the Sothys line please contact

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Become an Expert in the (C) Renewal System Program for Beautiful Skin Part I

SOTHYS- (C) Renewal System- (c) meaning cosmeceutical renewal is a home care system for the emergency nighttime treatment for desperate lifeless skin in need of renewal and repair. C Renewal effectively combats skin aging, increases skin health promoting a uniform radiant even complexion.
Who can Use (C) Renewal System? All skin types except very dehydrated and sensitive/reactive. All Ages male/female
Tired Skin, Dull, even after make up application, lacking radiance, rough, appearance of small lines, wrinkles. Usual skin care not giving results, blemishes due to stress factors, irregular skin grain, fatigued features, sometimes puffiness in the morning.
(C) Renewal is based on the science which studies biological rhythms (chronobiology) ensuing the optimal efficiency of cosmetic products, depending on the time of day or night they are used.
During the day- skin focuses on the functions of protection to cope with external aggressions
At Night- Cells switch to repair and regeneration mode. skin metabolism works the "night shift" to prepare for the next day: cell renewal is twice as high at night compared to daytime.
In Part II - I will cover the active ingredients and the home care regime for this award winning line within Sothys.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Exfoliating with Acids- What are you waiting for?

If you are looking for a dramatic lift to your appearance, a chemical peel could be just what you need!
Both Glycolic and Lactic Acid loosen " the glue like substance " on the outer most layers of our skin by pulling apart the negatively and positively charged molecules. As the acids break up the dead skin in the outer most layers of our skin, younger, plumper and fresher skin is revealed. In low concentrations, these acids plump up fine lines and wrinkles and because they are water loving, they help keep the skin hydrated. Some of the benefits are listed below. I will suggest the right exfoliation and home care for you based on your skin type and goals!
Acne Management
Removal of the appearance of sun damage
Reduction and/or removal of blotchy patches
Low downtime
Lightening of the skin
Smoother Skin
Age Spot Removal
Improved Collagen Growth
Better Skin Quality
Fast and Simple Procedures